Official Microsoft Software at 91% savings

Great news, now that we have our own .edu email address. We are eligible for a great deal on software. If you didn't know about the email address, go to


You must have a valid e-mail address at an educational institution ending with the domain suffix .EDU (ie, OR have a valid email address at one of the educational institutions listed here.

Some of the other titles that are available are:

Office Languages Packs 2007 $ 9.95
Office Visio Professional 2007 $ 55.95
Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade w/SP1 $ 64.95
Windows 7 Professional $ 29.99

Just click on the image below for more information

buy software Buy Microsoft® Office Professional Academic 2010!
Seize the deal! Get Microsoft® Office Professional Academic for just $79.95. It’s a total steal: save time and money with this premium offer. Office Professional Academic 2010’s brand new features and fresh look will help you organize and get all your work done in the blink of an eye.



Stayed tuned for more software to be released soon

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